Re: [Histonet] heat + formalin

From:Rene J Buesa

I never used heat with the formalin because fumes issues (if by any chance we had to open the retort).
  You should not run breast in short cycles unless the slices are extremely thin and you increase the time in the clearing agent (taking away from the alcohols).
  It is better to have a good section a few hours later, than a useless section rapidly.
  René J.

Nancy Schmitt  wrote:
  Good Morning

Need some input, please. Does anyone combine heat during the formalin part
of processing? We are having some issues with breast cases that need to be
read out the next am - we are running them on a shorter processing schedule
(done at 4 am) - and not having the best results.We use a closed system
Tissue-Tek VIP 3000. Is anybody using microwave fixation?
I think we will just put them on the longer processor (done at 0630) and be
done - but wanted to check for other options. 

Thanks in advance
Nancy Schmitt
Histology Coordinator
Dubuque, IA

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