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If by "antibody clearing" you are refering to antibody purification, then "Ig cut" is one of several methods to purify an ascites or culture supernatent.  Try to purify antibodies from ascites with ammonium sulfate precipitation and it is referred to as an "ammonium sulfate cut".  But it is dirty with not only antibodies but other proteins present.  If you use a protein-A or protein-G column to do the purification, it can be referred to as an "Ig or immunoglobulin cut".  Still not pure antibody but much better.  Any lab can do these and any hybridoma lab or cell culture lab any and more of these techniques would be routine to do.  A book on antibodies and antibody purification would tell you all the details but any good lab, just with minimal equipment on a counter, can do this.

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PhenoPath Labs
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> Hello to everyone. What is IgG cut? I only know it's about antibody clearing. 
> Can it be done in any laboratory? Could somebody give me a hint? 
> Thanks 
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