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From:Rene J Buesa

  In countries with structured laboratory professionals licenses (like Canada, South Africa, the UK, Austria, Spain) all laboratory professionals have a common license level divided into specialties, "histology" being one of them.
  In those countries (in contrast to ours) all laboratory professionals earn the same basic salary regardless of the specialty, and that is exactly was is missing here and why histotechs are at the salary bottom scale in the medical lab.
  Perhaps we should try to get a similar situation, which is similar to what NY has done now. There should be just one license for all laboratory professionals, divided by specialties.
  I think this will eliminate the salary disparities now existing between MT and HT
  Done in an orderly way and with the required "grace periods" I think this is the correct approach.
  René J.

MaryAnn Dixon  wrote:
  Hi Histonetters,

Has anyone read the In Action NSH bulletin lately? Just another example of the lack of recognition for the field of Histology. I am new to the field of Histology. What has happened to those employed in the NY labs? Are other states following by example? Should I get out now before I am unemployed?

MaryAnn Dixon
Biological Scientist
Anatomic Pathology
University of Florida Medical Center
352-392-2235 ext 4517

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