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I just had a huge career day week here during lab week.? We targeted 8 th graders from the area.? I contacted all of the area schools (the career counselors) to get them interested and here.? Once that was done, I contacted NSH...(Brenda is great or Pebbles, they will be happy to assist you) and had them send me 400 career brochures.? I went to the candy warehouse online and ordered all kinds of body part candy.? I went to the party store and bought bags to make goody bags, I also bought stuff to make banners (one for each school).? I contacted my vendors and asked for donations and BioCare was awesome...they sent me 400 kidney stress balls, tattoos, pens, name it.? I spent hours and hours putting goody bags together.? I set up multiple stations here and had the kids for 2 hours and toured them around.

It was awesome. We got many letters from the schools and students.


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Where can I find histology literature to try to scam some kids into 
getting into the field?   I mean - encourage some young minds to consider 
I checked the NSH website, thinking I'd ordered some in the past - but 
didn't find any info.   Anyone have any ideas?  I need brochures or 
handouts of somekind.  Willing to pay $$.

Jackie O'
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