Re: [Histonet] Heat & Hematoxylin

From:"Robyn Vazquez"

Do you have refrig/freezers, cryostats, and anything that puts out heat
from the motor?  Our lab is between 68-70, our equipment doesn't have to
work to stay at their temps.  And the equipment will last longer.  And
beside the tech have to be comfortable.  It would be inconsiderate to
employees to have them suffer in a high temp such as 85 degrees. Does
the doctors have to stay in the lab constantly? Crank their offices heat
up to 85 and see how they like it, I bet not.  Just my opinion.

>>> "Cindy DuBois"  5/19/2008 7:54 AM >>>

Our doctors are being very strict with the A/C.  It only runs from 7am
7pm.  When we come into the lab in the morning @ 3:30 it is 82.  This
morning I check the high for the weekend and it was 92 in the lab.
Within the last 2 weeks, the doctors are also complaining about our
washed-out dull looking hematoxylin.  We have increased our staining
time to
7 minutes (from 5) and decreased the acid alcohol to 1 dip.  All the
says on the stain bottle is to keep the stain at "controlled room
temp".  I
have mentioned this to the doctors but all I get is "85 can be
room temp".
Does anyone have any specifications as to what temperature should be
maintained in a lab?
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