Re: [Histonet] HIER to repair dried specimens?

I'm familiar with rehydrating mummy tissue from my years at AFIP. We used formol-glycol for several days prior to processing. I didn't think boiling slides in buffer would "repair" "cooked" tissue, but it seems to be so.

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It's called re-hydration!?
Similar techniques are used for partial restoration of mummified tissue for histological examination.?
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Subject: [Histonet] HIER to repair dried specimens??
>I have accidentally stumbled on an unexplainable "by product" of HIER in >citrate buffer, pH6.0.?
> We had some specimens that had unfortunately air dried prior to fixation > and processing and therefore looked terrible. The H&E was practically > unreadable due to drying artifact. In an effort to see something > worthwhile, IHC stains were ordered. The hematoxylin counterstain, > following retrieval showed much better nuclear detail than the original > H&E. Several additional slides were cut and stained with H&E following > HIER. They were much better. This has been repeated on a few other > specimens with similar resu?
> lts. Any ideas as to how or why this is working??
> thanks?
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