Re: [Histonet] Formaldehyde + Acetic Acid

From:"Anne van Binsbergen"

my day is a series of 'wild goose chases'
the latest one is to uncoverslip (glass+DPX), destain and restain
several BOXES of teaching slides from the early '60s
....but no coverslip-tape thank you very much!!!
ha ha ha!!!
I'm ready for the funny farm

2008/5/20 Jennifer Johnson :

> Thanks for all of your responses.  I guess I didn't think this one through
> before sending.  My Pathologist had asked me to ask all of you why formalin
> and acetic acid left a milky white turbitity when mixed.  What he was doing
> was mixing FAA + Formalin which caused this reaction.  Have you ever had one
> of those days where you stop for one second to relax and your boss sees you
> do this and then assumes that you have nothing to do?  He then commenses to
> find "wild goose chases" to send you on which occupy (waste) what little
> time you had to do your job
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