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Hi Matt-
I truly didn't know that not all derms processed the remaining tissue for
permanent.  All the Mohs docs I've worked with sent the remaining tissue out
to a partner or reference lab and correlated the results.  It generates
additional pathology fees, of course...why would they not want their work
backed up by permanents??


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What you said below is correct, except not all mohs surgens process the for
permant sections.  The only time we do it at our facility is if there is a
possiable perineural invasion or lymphovascular invasion, or if it is a
melanoma and we do what we call slow mohs.


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Hi Amber-

Mohs is the name of the fellow who pioneered this process.  It is basically

a skin excisional biopsy with frozens done on the margins to allow the

smallest possible tissue removed with clear margins during the initial

surgery. There is a color coding system to mark the margins and there are a

few other changes in orientation to get the best view of the full margin.  

The bill codes are only to be used by the doc who is both performing the

surgery and reading the slides so it's generally limited to

Dermatopathologist practices.  Once the excision is done and the margins are

cleared on frozen, all the tissue is processed for permanent section.

Sometimes the patient is reconstructed right there, other times this part of

the process is done by a plastic surgeon.  Mohs is usually done on face,

head and next skin lesions as they are the most potentially disfiguring

places for skin cancers.

There are classes for teaching a tech Mohs procedures and if you have a

patient Derm doc, they can instruct the orientation, as well.  Either way it

can be a lot of frozen sections but the pay is commensurate with the

pressure of doing frozens with a patient on the table waiting for your


Hope that helps!


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What exactly is a Mohs tech?  I'm not familiar with that term?

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Hi All!


I need to find a Mohs tech for alternating Mondays starting ASAP (of course

:).  We could work out a short term situations for a couple of weeks or you

could take it on as an ongoing PRN employee.  


Please call if you have any questions--




Cheryl R. Kerry, HT(ASCP), BA

Full Staff Inc.

Staffing the lab - One GREAT tech at a time.

281.852.9457 office

281.883.7704 cell

800.756.3309 fax and alternate phone




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