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From:"Blazek, Linda"

Patti and all,

Horary Patti.  I was just sitting here getting ready to post my email
when you posted yours.  I was beginning to think I was the only one here
that has had a very positive experience as a histotech.
I've been watching this topic for a long time now and wonder where I've
been.  I've been a histotech since the early 70's.  The pathologist I
worked for in the early 80's wanted to know why I never took my registry
when I finished school.  I guess a baby got in the way and no one really
required it. He pushed and encouraged me to take my registry.  He was so
supportive and helpful to someone that waited 9 years to sit for the
exam that it was amazing.  I did receive a healthy raise when I passed.
I have never in all these years worked for a pathologist that wasn't
respectful and included me as a part of a team.  I have had a bit of
"red-headed stepchild" reactions from MTs but that never bothered me
since none of them had a clue as to what a histotech did.  When they
removed the histology rotation from the MT training in the early 70's
they didn't have any exposure to our world.

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Best pathologist quote that I've ever heard myself:

"Let's face it, a trained monkey can cut blocks."  

This was referring to trying to staff his personal research lab and was
said with all seriousness.  Needless to say, this pathologist and I
didn't get along well at all.  Unfortunately, too many share these
sentiments and don't have a clue that a histotech tends to do a bit more
than "cut blocks".

Sort of makes you wonder why any of us bothers with getting certified or
with obtaining necessary CEU's to stay that way.

Hang in There,

Glen Dawson  BS, HT & QIHC
IHC Manager
Milwaukee, WI

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In response to several postings regarding pay and respect- I have been
feeling somewhat better to read that others are disheartened by the lack
of respect for the effort and time that it can take to become a
certified, experienced histotech. The pay doesn't really bother me as
much as the attitude that I encounter on a daily basis that "anyone" can
do histology and that it is to quote "no big deal" to get certified. I
have to concur that in my experience, histology managers do not seem to
value or even recognize the skills and time it takes to perfect this
trade.I know for me, getting an HTL was quite a burden at times. I had
extra studies for sure. And, back in that day, the ASCP slide practical
was no picnic. At my own hospital, this attitude is epitomized by the
fact that routinely non-certifed, non-histology people are both hired
and promoted. I have never seen anyone with a histology background given
any sort of professional respect like that given freely to the MT
personnel that work there. They do not even recgonize an HTL as a
certification. They only give you a small increase for being certified
at all (HT). At particularly bad moments, this had made me want to leave
the field as well. So, I can relate very easily to everyone else's
sentiments. This hospital has been an especially bad example of the
"warm body" syndrome. It is almost crippling in terms of the quality of
the work and TAT. The inferior service and poor quality produced only
serves to reinforce the negative concept- it is indeed a vicious cycle!
At least (all of us) are not alone!
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