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From:"Bernice Frederick"

I worked in a lab where embeddinf cold plates were used instead of ice
trays. Those having hot flashes loved them- laid there heads on them!!!!
Barring that,there is always the -80 freezer (instant FS!)

Bernice Frederick HTL (ASCP)
Northwestern University
Pathology Core Facility
710 N Fairbanks Court
Olson 8-421
Chicago,IL 60611

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I've been known to sport and use a squirt gun.  HR said as long as I applied
it uniformly across all employee/job descriptions and didn't show favoritism
or use it as a threat, it was okay :)


Cheryl R. Kerry, HT(ASCP), BA

Full Staff Inc.

Staffing the lab - One GREAT tech at a time.

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Those pesky pathologists...........are they are least treating you
respectfully when they insist on A/C during their hours?  LOL! 

Jeanine Bartlett
Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch
(404) 639-3590

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We have threatened to come to work in our bathing suits and run through
the sprinklers during our breaks.  Our lab manager insists he is working
on the problem (I have worked for him for 20 years and I believe he is).
The property owners claim they will only allow the A/C to be on for 12
hours a day and never on weekends and the pathologists want it on when
they are here 7am - 7pm.  Our lab manager sent an e-mail to the
pathologist and said if a solution is not worked out by friday, we will
not be coming in until 6
am (our start time now is 3:30).    I have also printed out lots of
from the EPA about air exchange and proper storage of flammable
Hopefully something will convince the pathologists to fight the property
owners on this.
Meanwhile, I'll be coming to Albuquerque in June for the summer
symposium and hopefully your temps will be cooler.
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