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From:"Mickie Johnson"

Hello Peggy,

Thank you for your update. There has been quite a bit of discussion about
this in the American College of Mohs Surgeons, American Society of Mohs
Surgery and the American Society of Mohs Histotechnology over the last year.
The majority of Mohs histotechs are not registered HT's or HTL's. At this
time it is just under discussion with questionnaires. 

I would be interested to know if there is any resource available that covers
the requirements for licensure in each state? Would knowledgeable persons
from each state be willing to post what they know about the requirements in
the states they reside and work in?

Right now, Washington State has no requirements for licensure of histotechs,
Mohs or otherwise.

If people will email me I will compile what I receive and post a compilation
if this has not already been done. 

Thank you.

Best Regards,
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I'm not an expert in the NY licensure, but I'll fill in some gaps from what
I've learned from Histonets and talking with NY histotechs.

The law that was passed in 2006 allows for Cytotechs, MLT's and MT's. Though
HT/HTL were originally written into the licensure bill when it was first
drafted over a decade ago, somewhere over time, HT and HTL were dropped from
the NY bill.

So as of right now, any histotech currently working in NY are grandfathered
in, so they can continue to work as histotechs in NY. Any new histotech
coming into the field in NY, or already experienced and moving to NY, must
take all the classes to be a MT or a MLT, AND pass the MT/MLT exam.

ASCP and NSH and the NY histotechs and the NY pathologists societies have
been working to try to get an amendment to the law, recognizing HT/HTL as a
separate tech category. However, once a law has been adopted, it becomes
very hard to get the legislators to agree to change it. And can be difficult
to get the wording correct (both of which are what is happening now).

There are other states out there, working on licensure (Michigan, where I'm
from, have been working on it for over 15 years). But it's up to us
histotechs to remain aware of what other lab societies within our own states
are working on, so histotechs don't get left out of a law. (The Michigan
draft does list histotechs (HT and HTL), as well as PA's, cytogenetic
technologists, EM techs, etc. However, we have 2 histotechs in our state who
try to keep track of where the draft is - which legislatures are behind it,
what the lobbyists are doing. It's being pushed by the med tech society in
the state, but they (med tehc society) have been working with all the
Michigan lab societies. The Michigan med techs are very aware of what
happened in NY, and don't want it to happen here.)

So, no, don't get out of the histotechnology. We need people like yourself,
who are aware of the effects of state and national laws on our profession,
and who are willing to look out for our field. And who would be willing to
talk with cytotechs and med techs, and remind them that there are other lab

For the latest from the NSH web page, go to:

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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NYS Legislative Update - April 6, 2008
In the last few weeks there has been a lot of activity on the legislative
front in NYS. As a recap, a law (Article 165) requiring licensing of all
clinical laboratory personnel was passed by the NYS legislation and went
into effect in September of 2006 (please visit for specific details). Unfortunately,
histologists did not have representation on the board that crafted the
license nor did we have lobbyists working for our interests. As a result
there is no language describing the scope of practice for histologists, no
distinction between technician and technologist and no provision for
academic training requirements (curriculum).

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> Please elaborate!
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> Hi Histonetters,
> Has anyone read the In Action NSH bulletin lately?  Just another 
> example of the lack of recognition for the field of Histology.  I am 
> new to the field of Histology.  What has happened to those employed in 
> the NY labs?  Are other states following by example?  Should I get out 
> now before I am unemployed?
> MaryAnn Dixon
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