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Excellent advice Rene!
Omaha, NE

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Here is how I see your problem:
  1- you have already contacted the Child and Labor Dept. about this issue, so it is very likely (if they are doing their job) that the will "pay a visit" to the lab and talk with the pathologist.
  2- if that is what is going to happen you are going to be in trouble.
  3- as the "youngster's" trainer you are accomplice to the violation, because you know her age and keep training her.
  4- if this pathologist is also calling names to others, he is an absolute jerk that thinks is owner, not only of the place, but of the world.
  5- I don't think this is the right place to work so sooner or later you should try to find a new place to work.
  6- if that is going to be how this whole issue is going to end, I think that you should do what is correct and tell him that you are not willing to participate in violating the laboral laws and stop training his daughter.
  You will sleep better and perhaps this fellow will realize that he is doing something wrong and that you are not willing to accept the situation.
  At least that is what I would do. Consult with some close friend or family member and present a formal complaint with Child Labor BEFORE doing #6. If he fires you because of this then you will have PROOF that you complained against him because of a law violation and will be able to claim unemployment, even if he says that you were fired for "work substandard performance", you will have proof that this is not the case, but revenge against you.
  Good luck!
René J.

Karla Arrington  wrote:

I have roughly 2 dilemmas.  The first is of a legal matter.  The Pathologist for a week has had his daughter (15 years old), helping
me out in the histology lab.  He wants her to get training from me, then do the on-line HT program.  She has handled chemicals
and reagents.  I am very uncomfortable with this.  I have called the Child Labor Laws department for our state and it is illegal
for a 15 year to be in a laboratory. Needless to say working with blood borne pathogens.  My most concern is the following.  As her "teacher",
can I or other co-workers can be held accountable if this is illegal and is found out? This pathologist mind you is the owner of the business.
I am afraid if I say something, I will get fired. Where do I go from here or if there is someone who has a similar circumstance happen to them.
The other scenario is that this same Pathologist has called a tech a slandering name, twice.  There is no "upper management" to go to
since he is the owner of the business. I was wondering if this is considered harassment and can this be used to nullify a contract signed
by both parties for employment.


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