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I for one did EVERYTHING myself for my practical. Including grossing, embedding, etc. That was standard at my internship site that the internist couldn't get any direct help from staff with the practical, and I had to do a MGP! Talk about fun trying to get ahold of the powder to make the solution. 
I have also come across a former co-worker trying to pass his practical (3rd time around) and wanted whoever was doing specials to "throw his in with the batch". I refused. (mostly because I knew this guy was a bit incompitent.) But I also believe it to be the same as copying someone's answers off a test. If a tech can't do a relatively simple stain or is too lazy to do the work they don't belong in the field. 
Is it Friday yet?


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I was also told that it was too easy to get someone else to cut and
stain your sections.

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