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From:"Bartlett, Jeanine (CDC/CCID/NCZVED)"

I was also told that it was too easy to get someone else to cut and
stain your sections. 

Jeanine Bartlett
Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch
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So why can't slides be sent to reviewers? I always thought the practical
was good as it shows a tech can cut (which may be an issue) as well as
know staining can you troubleshoot micrometry issues if
you in theory may or may not be cutting? When I first cam into the
field, the first thing done in my interview was to sit me at a microtome
and show I could cut.After I was hired I had 3 months to get the quality
and quantity of techs with at least 10 years experience on me. Needless
to say, I can cut and darn well at that!

Bernice Frederick HTL (ASCP)
Northwestern University
Pathology Core Facility
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the practical portion was discontinued a couple of years ago. The exam
is computer only. I was told that it was getting too expensive to fly
people to

Chicago to review the slides. I understand that the questions go into
depth and critical thinking and problem solving is a majority of the
exam now.


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Hi everyone,

I have two techs who are getting ready to apply for the HT exam but I
find any info about the practical portion of the exam.  Was it

Or am I not looking in the right place on the ASCP BOR page?


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