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I wanted to give the SelecTech system a try and I even submitted slides
to Surgipath who said they would stain them and return them for our
review. After weeks passed I contacted Surgipath and was told they would
be coming soon.  After a few more months I told them to forget it.

I was very disappointed that they were not responsive. 

Jeanine Bartlett
Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch
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1.	Blades: I use the Sakura/Feathers and I just give the container
a good "whack" (on the bottom) on the counter before I dispense the
first blade. They have no choice but to be compliant after that. even
think about our humidity level in NM at about 10%...
2.	Hematoxylin: I have been reluctant because of my "position" as
president of the New Mexico Society for Histology to endorse products in
this venue, but the hematoxylin issue makes it necessary for me to break
my rule. I recently changed to the Surgipath "SelecTech" system and I
have to report rave reviews by my pathologists. The hematoxylin is good
for TWENTY-FIVE HUNDRED slides - the last slides being at least as good
as the first - and I've had no difficulty in getting a supply. Shelf
life is 2 years. Stain quality is superb. Cost is extremely reasonable
for the quality. My autostainer results had been dramatically variable
until I made the change to SelecTech and although I had tried it as an
economic move, it has proved to be that and more. The SelecTech system
gives me beautiful results. Bosses are happy as clams with the stain
3.	How happy IS a clam???


Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)

NM Dept. of Agriculture

Veterinary Diagnostic Services

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