[Histonet] Smudged inked on cassettes


Hello histo-folks,
I tried to search the archives, but couldn't come up with it....
Here's the question:  We seem to be having some problems with smudged  
cassettes after processing.  We use the Surgipath cassette printer and  ribbon.  
Even recently, the grossing folks said the printer ribbon was  brand new and we 
still ended up with some cassettes that completely  smudged.   We instruct the 
people who load the traditional VIP  processors to not touch the numbered part 
of the cassettes as they load them or  embedders during the embedding 
process. Still we get some cassettes that smudge  almost unreadable.  Somewhere along 
the way, I once heard that fatty breast  tissue will cause smudging during 
processing.  Is this a possibility?   If so, how do we correct any of these 
Deb King

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