[Histonet] Re: Salary Scales

From:"Sheryl McCandless"

I agree that the pay is not so great, but I think the lack of respect and
the "anyone can do it attitude" probably makes the low pay worse.  After I
got my certification, I couldn't even get market value for my area, but what
bothered me the most was that I was treated like the certification was "no
big deal" and it really didn't seem to matter whether I was certified or
not.  I could easily be replaced with anyone.  That's really a shame when
you think about the patient care aspect.  A lab is entrusted with their
specimens and their lives, yet some pathologists don't care whether their
techs took their job seriously enough to do the work to get certified.  I
suppose they care more about their pocketbook.  As much as I enjoyed working
in histology, it was enough to make me leave the field at least for now.
Maybe one day histotechs will not only get better pay, but also a thank you
every now and then.

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