[Histonet] My last hope for FFPE anti rat CD4

From:"Amos Brooks"

     I just happened to have a Biocare Medical catalog within arms reach
(scary since I'm home ... I've really gotta get a life!) and looked up their
CD4 as an off chance and guess what? Under Species Reactivity they say
Human, Mouse & Rat! I can't avouch for this antibody as I haven't used it on
rat, but it's in the book. Try their tech support to make sure. It is cat#
CM153AA clone BC/1F6.

Hope this helps,

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Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 11:28:29 -0500
From: Jackie M O'Connor

Subject: [Histonet] My last hope for FFPE anti rat CD4
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This topic has been beaten to death - but I'll ask again just incase there
has been a miracle breakthrough.

Anyone know of an anti-rat CD4 antibody that will work in FFPE?

Don't yell at me, please.


Jackie O'
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