[Histonet] Mouse Mammary Gland

From:"Land, Kimberly J"

Dear Histonetters,

  In the very near future, I will be preparing whole mounts of mouse
mammary glands.  The plan is to use Carnoy's fixative and to stain with
Carmine alum overnight.  That part of the procedure I think I can
handle.  My main concern is that afterwards, I am to embed in paraffin
for H&E staining.  Has anyone out there done this before??  Does the
Carmine alum interfere with the H&E?  How thick do the sections need to
be? I am used to histology on mouse thyroids, so this is a totally new
thing for me.  Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you,


Kim Lohe

University of Southern Indiana

8600 University Blvd.

Evansville, IN 47712


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