[Histonet] 4F1G (4% Formaldehyde & 1% Glutaraldehyde in 0.1 M PB, pH 7.4) fixative and immuno


I am looking for anyone who might have experience with 4F1G (4% 
Formaldehyde &1% Gluteraldehyde in 0.1M PBS, pH 7.4) and 
immunohistochemistry staining.  We are interested in fixing tissue in this 
and then making both EM and paraffin blocks from the same sample.  I was 
interested in getting opinions on how different immuno markers, normally 
run on FFPE tissue, might be affected by this fixation change.  I realize 
that it is probably marker dependent and that fixation is a huge factor in 
immuno, but I was just interested in some opinions or any markers that you 
might have tried this fixative with that will work.

Thanks in Advance!!  :-)

Michelle Schwab-MacDonald HT(ASCP)
Novartis, Boston, MA

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