Re: [Histonet] Standardized Microtomes

From:Rene J Buesa

  You had pointed out to the "acceptable exception". I do not advocate to NEVER align a blade to a block when necessary. What I say that for new block to be cut ALL microtomes in the lab should use the same angle and allow, for instance, that any HT could cut a recur for any special procedure without having to adjust  the cutting angle to that specific block, because it was cut with an uniform angle.
  Archival blocks, or those received from another institution as a consult, of course that should be cut by adapting the cutting angle to the block, that is always better than reembedding the block.
  So, for NEW, everyday routine blocks: all microtomes with the same angle.
  For old or consult blocks: adapt the microtome to them.
  Besides, you don't have to be sorry to express your opinion!
  René J.

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