Re: [Histonet] Paraffin thickness standard or measurement?

From:Jackie M O'Connor

I don't think you can buy them legally - they are called 'eyes'.   (ha!)  
You should be able to tell on the stained slide if you sections are not 
consistent.   Usually, if you are getting thick and thin ribbons, 
something is loose on your microtome.    clean off all paraffin debris - 
sometimes knives can torque from paraffin in the knife holder - paraffin 
generally gets in the way of tightening anything appropriately.
Good luck. Jackie O'

amy rizzo  
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05/13/2008 11:54 AM



[Histonet] Paraffin thickness standard or measurement?

Is there anyway to measure the thickness of your paraffin section as it
comes off a microtome?  I have noticed mine isn't as consistent as I would
like. Do they sell something anywhere that does this?  Thanks,

Amy Rizzo


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