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Haven't worked on that cell line in lymph nodes but in other parts of mice, xenografts and monolayers.  I'm assuming these are nude mice so the cells aren't simply being destroyed by host (mouse) immune response.  I'd stay away from cytokeratins.  CK20 can be downregulated in that line and there are cytokeratins that endogenously mark in lymph nodes.  That line I believe is presumed to be goblet cell associated.  I've looked at it with CEA and villin, things other than CK20 or pan cytokeratin that might traditionally mark colon.  Might try cdx2 besides CEA or villin.  I believe in ATTC that line is known as a large producer of CEA and state of the art (back when I did this) was to localize  LS174T's was radiolabelled CEA.  Never tried but MUC antibody or even a PAS or mucin histology stain might do.

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> OK, I've been working on this for over a week and finally decided I need 
> help. LS174T tumor cells (a human colon cancer cell line) were implanted 
> into mouse lymph nodes. I'm trying to immuno-stain these implanted cells. 
> I tried a pan cytokeratin antibody and a CK20 cytokeratin antibody and 
> neither worked. Has anyone here ever worked with this cell line? Any 
> suggestions on how to differentiate these cells from the normal mouse cells? 
> Thanks! 
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