Re: [Histonet] 4% paraformaldehyde all over again

From:John Kiernan

   There  is no such thing as 4% paraformaldehyde. Nobody can sell or
   us=  e  such  a  non-substance!
See Histonet archives passim ad nauseam.=   (That's how the ancient Romans said, in 3 words,= "on and on, until you want to vomit". Latin is concise= !)
4% formaldehyde is a real solution, and = one of the ways of making the solution is to heat 40 grammes of = paraformaldehyde in a litre of water, with an alkaline catalyst to sp= eed up the hydrolysis. Paraformaldehyde exists only as a solid substan= ce, which is insoluble in water.  All this has been in all the textbooks and manuals for 40+ years.
Joh= n Kiernan
Anatomy,  UWO
London, Canada
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> Will vendors who cont= acted me off line regarding supplying vast
> quantities <= BR>> of 4% paraformaldehyde contact me again, please. <= BR>> Thanks.
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> Abbott Labs
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