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Oh, I am sure that is and was a consideration. I thank you all so very much 
for the additional comments, it helps me build a solid case.

A mind changed against its will, is a mind unchanged still.

This will help change their minds and way of thinking.

>From: Rene J Buesa 
>To: "Rittman, Barry R" 
>Subject: RE: RE: [Histonet] I need more ammunition
>Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 11:02:26 -0700 (PDT)
>Did I miss the word "patient" or wasn't it in there?
>René J.
>"Rittman, Barry R"  wrote:   Wayne
>I am not in your situation but I understand the problems when you are in
>a new job in histology.
>In many jobs the way in which things are done is because no one has
>guided the individuals in the job or have not adequately trained them.
>Once a practice has been in operation for some time it becomes the
>standard for that lab.
>I am assuming that you are in charge of this lab?
>Might I humbly suggest that you get individuals concerned together and
>ask them in a non confrontational manner why jobs are carried out in a
>certain manner. Perhaps this could be done in a casual setting over
>The suggest that there are better ways and show them these.
>Sometimes people will resist such changes and then you may have to
>insist or get your pathologist's backing.
>I have always found that it helps to put things down on paper with pros
>and cons of each method or practice. If there is, as Joe suggests a
>danger of poor or false negatives then you have a powerful argument both
>from point of view of costs (especially of immunological agents), of
>delays in having slides ready for the pathologist and (often the most
>convincing) the possibility legal consequences.
>One problem in all labs is that people need to feel that they have some
>say in the way their jobs are done. However while input is critical, it
>is important that when it comes down to it that the person in charge
>makes a decision and that the work is then done that way.
>Hope things work out for you.
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>we perform almost 80 derm cases per day. We use blue sponges and not
>paper. The blue sponges make embedding so much faster. Often, the lens
>sticks together and makes it a nightmare to embed. Leaving any type of
>tissue on the counter is borderline malpractice. Not only does the
>dry out, making processing and cutting difficult, it reeks havoc with
>immunohistochemistry. You make get no staining, weak staining or so much
>background staining you won't be able to read the slides.
>Where are you working? Nothing against you, but I want to make sure none
>my family and friends are close by and pathology
>Joe Nocito BS, PA, HT(ASCP)QIHC
>San Antonio, TX
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> >I need more ammunition, please!!
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> >>Subject: [Histonet] I need your help
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> >>Everyone, I have started a new job. I have many things that need
>fixed. I
> >>have a gross room that are using regular cassettes metal tops and they
> >>wrapping all of the derm work in yes wet lens paper and leaving them
> >>the countertop by the hoods for periods of up to 45 minutes. I know
> >>is not good for obvious reasons. I need your comments asap to help
> >>them understand, again for obvious reasons. I have been doing this for
> >>years and I need other field associates to back me up. Most of these
> >>specimen are very small. HELP!
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