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Rene, I agree with you.  I think salaries across the board for histotechs are below what they should be but Roxanne asked the statement from an employer's perspective and not an employee.  She wanted to know if her range was completive and depending on the part of the country, (Yes, it can make a difference in home prices and in being where people want to live and work.  The "Sunshine Tax" is a great example), the range she stated would be.  If she were in a lab just down the road from me my histotechs would swarm from my lab to apply at her lab.  As an employer, you look to protect the bottom line and offer the lowest salary you can and still be attractive to potential employees.  It will only change when the lower paying labs can't find help and salaries will rise.  I am watching that happen even now as this country faces a technician shortage.  It all boils down to supply and demand.





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Attached 2 articles I wrote on the salary subject that explain my personal position on this issue. As long as HTs keep accepting misery salaries (always BELOW those of the MTs) we will keep being considered as a "second class technical personnel".

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