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As president and owner of a histology lab (although this can be any
business), I feel I must add my thoughts to this discussion on salary (which
pops up on this newsgroup quite often).  First of all, there's more to a
"salary" that what the number is on your weekly pay stub.  Who's paying for
your health insurance?  Does your company offer a matching 401K plan?  Life
insurance?  How many weeks paid vacation do you get?  How many paid
holidays?  Paid sick days?  Can you leave when your job is complete (and
still get paid for the rest of the day)?  Does your company pay for your
lunch hour?  Do they pay for your lunch?  Do they offer child care?  A
work-out room?  There's a heck of a lot more many companies do for their
employees than simply paying them a certain rate for every hour they are
"punched in".  I figure any employee who works at my company for "only"
$25.00 per hour is actually making about $55.00 per hour if they utilize all
(or at least most) of the benefits we offer them.  Then there's the matching
social security, worker's Comp. insurance, state employee taxes and so on
that we're also responsible to pay for each employee.  Think of all this
next time you say you only make $25.00 per hour!


     Jim Staruk
Mass Histology Service

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  No, I don't think it is "a rather broad statement". Regardless of the area
of the country, you should never negotiate a salary as part of a group. You
are "selling" your personal abilities and trying to cover your family needs.
How different is the gasoline price today by regions? Are they so different?
How about food products?.
  I encourage you to read my article in Advance for MLP (Jan.28, 2008) where
I demonstrate that all the "alleged" salary regional variations are non
statistically significant and offer some advise in how to negotiate your
  René J.

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