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Isn't that a rather broad statement, René?  Without knowing what part of the country we are talking about it is hard to make an educated guess as to salary range.  Roxanne's figures are actually slightly higher than the typical pay here in the Midwest (Illinois) for technician and a great deal higher for the other two categories.  Here in Illinois she would be very completive.


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Add, at least, $5.00/hour to each category and you will be competitive.
  René J. wrote:
  I know that this is a sore subject, but typically at what part of the range do you brings histotechnologists in at?? And if you wouldn't mind sharing the range I would be grateful.? I work for a company that is run by business people not lab people and I am trying to convince them to adjust the salaries.? For instance, our histotechnician range is 17.96 - 21.45, our histotechnologist range is 21.14 - 26.58, and our lab supervisor range is 25.46 - 34.28.

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