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The first thing I think too,is poor person to have no reprieve from cutting.
I have constant interruptions, so 658 is not in my book. We cut sterile
sections as we cut for DNA/RNA quite a bit and that requires more time in
terms of changing blades for every case, cleaning if not changing a
waterbath, wiping down the blade holder etc with alcohol, changing gloves
and sometimes a mask. We are allowed to do 2 blocks per blade (one on each
side).When the study also has 15 slides as well we are lucky to get 15
blocks done in a day.(225 slides +)
Routine research we can just whip out, but clinical trials are VERY specific
and time consuming.

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The first thought coming to my mind: poor girl/boy cutting the whole day.
I like to cut, but I'am also glad to be ready after max. 3 hours (because of
smaller workload, four techs cutting at the same time).
Our prostate "menue": 2x HE ŕ 4 cuts, 1xIHC ŕ 4 cuts; 10 blocks per patient,
without prelabelling; sliding microtome, 20-25 min
In the mean we do 60-70 slides (with 1-4 cuts) per hour, without
prelabelling, with walking in the staining room, with telephone, ....

In my opinion it's a big difference, if one cuts at high speed for a few
hours or has to do it the whole shift with the same concentration and

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How many slides have you cut in an 8 hour day? One of my techs today cut 658

prostate bx slides in 7 hours. Just curious.

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