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I even use it when I make out my shopping list at home and writing info down when talking with someone on the phone.  It is medical shorthand, I don't know history, you could wikipedia it (everything is in that digest).  Rene, potty mouth, potty mouth...haha

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Congratulations Rene. You are the first to get that dirty word through our new e-mail filtering system. 
I suppose it is the inverted commas that did it.


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curious Louise:
  "c" with a little horizontal line above is abbreviation for "cum" = with.
  Also it is used a small "s" with the same little bar abore as abbreviation of "sine" = without.
  René J.

louise renton  wrote:
  I have a great curiosity waiting to be relieved.
Ever since I started working in the lab... in those days the pathologist dictated the gross report at cut up and the tech wrote it down...we used the abbreviation of "with" as a "c" with a little horizontal bar above it. Does anyone else use this and if so what is its history?

curious Louise

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