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From:"Weber, Susan (VHACLE)"

As I stated before, Volume does not mean someone is not busy, look at
the other tasks (even if they are not "histotech" duties) I would
suggest a time study where each individual records what is being done
during the day. Don't forget the tasks which are not done on a daily
basis, but are equally important and little tasks (recording QC on
charts for example). If your techs go to Radiology - include the time
they left until the time they return, not just the procedure time and
remember that when a person leaves a department to do such tasks, the
other techs must "fill in" for that missing person just as if they were
off. I take exception to the fact that so many people determine how
staffing should be by using numbers and not looking at the "big"
picture, also by people who really do not work in a department telling
others how to staff the job (pet peeve, sorry) and not taking into
account that most of the tasks (especially in a lower volume lab) are
NOT automated (as in Chemisty, Hematology etc). OK so I have some issues
with this and you might say I have several "Pets" so I will step off my
soapbox, take my blood pressure pills, be thankful I said "former job"
and double check my IRA and 401K for the future use!  Whew! TGIF all!

Susan M Weber HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
10701 East Blvd
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
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Janet,  I don't understand your math.  10,000 cases per year divided by
52 would be 192 cases a week divided between 3 techs would be 64 cases
each tech per week and average 12.8 cases per tech per day.  It doesn't
sound too bad to me.  100 cases per tech per day (at 3 techs) would
equal about 72,000 cases per year.


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    10,000cases? 3300 cases per tech per year, 100 cases per tech per
day? At least 300 blocks min. per day per tech.
   CAP has guidelines for justifying positions.  I would also have the
techs (like they need something else to do) keep track of their time for
a month.  It sounds as if three techs would minimally handle your lab.
Not to mention two months worth of vacation/sick time taken per year.   
   Also - what is the boss seeing?  Coffee breaks?  Long lunch breaks?  
    We have 22 Techs, three shifts, six days per week, 50,000 Surgical
cases.  It takes two techs worth just to cover time off per year.  We do
not attend procedures and we buy our reagents.
            Good luck.


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i have a few questions for you if i may.
you have 3 techs serving 3 paths and 10 000 a year
apart from the basic routine histo operations, do your 3 techs

   - do any grossing
   - attend at renal biopsy collection
   - do frozen sections
   - take macro photos
   - do slide and block filing
   - source cases for sendout (consults/reviews) or do any archive
   - wash glassware,
   - do specimen discards,
   - make up formalin

i am facing pressure from my (non-histo) boss who is comparing my lab
staff to 'other modern facilities' and he now tells me i need to cut my
staff in half!!
i need ammo and numbers from others to build my defence

2008/5/7 barbara carter :

> I am leaving my position as Coordinator at United Hospital System and
> moving out of state and trying to help them recruit a new coordinator
> take my place.
> There is a position open at United Hospital System at the Kenosha
> in Kenosha Wisconsin for a Histology Coordinator.  The hospital
> about 10,000 surgical specimen a year with 3 Pathologists and 3
> Anyone interested please contact Sue Wergin Laboratory Supervisor at
> 262-656-5603.
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