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I guess it does really depend on the area.  In San Francisco it is high twenties to mid thirties.  One hour north of San Francisco it can be as low as $7-10.00 an hour less.  Big jump for 70 miles. 
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$26.20 / hour is "decent"?  For the Milwaukee area, that is a phenominal payrate.  What regions see this as "run of the mill"?  

I wish I could offer techs this pay.  It would certainly solve all of our staffing issues in one fell swoop.

I also wonder where payscales like this are when the Histology pay scales are being compiled for publication.  You look at our printed ranges and you cannot help but think that they are more useful to those who want to keep histo-pay low.

Call me a coward but I don't feel comfortable quoting our average histotech pay.  I'll just say that it is SIGNIFICANTLY below $26.20.

Glen Dawson  BS, HT & QIHC (ASCP)
IHC Manager
Milwaukee, WI

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Which is equivalent to $26.20 / hour (2080 hours / year) and could be considered as "decent".
  René J.

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