RE: [Histonet] Sakura VIP flood?

From:"Hofecker, Jennifer L"

Hi histo netters!
I just wanted to let you know that Teri is not the only one to
experience this. In a previous lab, we had Niagara falls coming out of
our VIP.  I can't remember what was diagnosed (6-ish years ago) but the
Sakura guy was able to fix it.  I do remember it was a part inside the
machine, not how full our water container was. I tell people all the
time about that morning. You haven't seen anything until your processor
is spewing water... At least it was water. 
Good Luck!

Jennifer L. Hofecker HT(ASCP)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Division of Neuropathology
Nashville, TN 
ph 615.343.0083
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If it was an issue of overfilling like Sakura said then more people
would have experienced it because I am sure most of us fill to between
2-3 liters.  I think it is something else, definitely! 

Jeanine Bartlett
Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch
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am very curious to know what Sakura tells you also have a 'trusty VIP5
workhorse'  in my stable - but never one that has flooded!!
keep us in the loop

2008/5/14 Joe Nocito :

> Gee Teri,
> that's a first for me. I've used the VIP 5 for years and never had 
> this happen. I know, I've been a lot of help.
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> Any of you users of the Sakura VIP 5 have any problems with the fume 
> control water somehow siphoning and flooding into the guts of the 
> instrument? The manual tells us to put between 2-3 liters of water in
> We had issues with this happening early on, and were told we had too 
> much water in there. We now use much less, and until 3 days ago had no

> problem with it. This morning came in to water all in the overflow 
> tray, dripping down from the inside of the instrument on to the floor,

> and an empty fume control water bottle.
> My in house service guy will be calling Sakura today, but wanted to 
> know of others' experiences with this issue. I'm not interested in 
> bashing the product, it's worked well for us for over 6 years. Just 
> wondering if it's happened to anybody else.
> Thanks!
> Teri Johnson, HT(ASCP)QIHC
> Managing Director Histology Facility
> Stowers Institute for Medical Research 1000 E. 50th St.
> Kansas City, MO 64110
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