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I use BioCare's Romulin AEC.....xylene compatible, it's beautiful stuff!!


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We have used the liquid mounting media, Crystal Mount from Biomeda - 
ThermoFisher used to carry this.  Do the liquid coverslip first, let it dry 
according to directions i.e. several ways with heat, then mount a permanent 
coverglass over the top of this.  AEC is preserved.

 If  you try to look at the section before mounting a permanent coverslip, 
it can look a bit out of focus.   Make sure the media covers the section 
smoothly and as flat at possible to avoid the "waves" of media.

Someone recently posted the contact for Biomeda on Histonet on the chance 
ThermoFisher is not selling Crystal Mount  anymore.   There are other 
companies that supply this type of mounting media but not sure which 

Good luck

Gayle M. Callis
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If you use AEC as a chromogen for IHC staining, what are using to protect it 
before putting the slides into xylol for permanent coverslipping?



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