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From:"Anne van Binsbergen"

no, we do way less than 10 000 a year
my point is that in my opinion, no matter how LOW the workload may be, there
are several basic areas which need to be covered if one has to attend to all
the listed 'peripheral' services, as well as cover the basic daily routine
histo (and be the cyto backup!!)
i KNOW my staff are busy because i know exactly what it takes to cover all
the areas they are involved in
but the boss is a 'number cruncher' and he see things through 'hematology'
eyes and all is compared to them
histo is very different
breaks are taken with a clock running next to a coffee cup - lunch is eaten
on the trot
samples are collected in OR by techs and they do all the
reception/accessioning/sorting out mistakes etc
very time consuming but not really measurable, particularly if one is
running around like a headless chicken dealing with irate surgeons looking
for results!!

i am trying to get a handle on all your labs out there, what you actually
do, *apart from basic histo*, and how many of you there are to do it
do you have dedicated admin staff
do you have filing clerks and accession/data entry staff
does your AP section have a secretary to deal with clinicians demanding path
do the lab staff (techs) have to deal with phone queries for results

any/all feedback appreciated
ps when doing stats for headcounts, is IHC classified as a sub-section apart
with its own staff and back up or is it counted with routine histo?

2008/5/7 Bonner, Janet :

>      10,000cases? 3300 cases per tech per year, 100 cases per tech per
> day? At least 300 blocks min. per day per tech.
>    CAP has guidelines for justifying positions.  I would also have the
> techs (like they need something else to do) keep track of their time for a
> month.  It sounds as if three techs would minimally handle your lab. Not to
> mention two months worth of vacation/sick time taken per year.
>    Also - what is the boss seeing?  Coffee breaks?  Long lunch breaks?
>     We have 22 Techs, three shifts, six days per week, 50,000 Surgical
> cases.  It takes two techs worth just to cover time off per year.  We do not
> attend procedures and we buy our reagents.
>             Good luck.
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>  i have a few questions for you if i may.
> you have 3 techs serving 3 paths and 10 000 a year
> apart from the basic routine histo operations, do your 3 techs
>    - do any grossing
>    - attend at renal biopsy collection
>    - do frozen sections
>    - take macro photos
>    - do slide and block filing
>    - source cases for sendout (consults/reviews) or do any archive
>    searches
>    - wash glassware,
>    - do specimen discards,
>    - make up formalin
> i am facing pressure from my (non-histo) boss who is comparing my lab and
> staff to 'other modern facilities' and he now tells me i need to cut my
> staff in half!!
> i need ammo and numbers from others to build my defence
> cheers
> Annie
> 2008/5/7 barbara carter :
> >
> > I am leaving my position as Coordinator at United Hospital System and am
> > moving out of state and trying to help them recruit a new coordinator to
> > take my place.
> >
> > There is a position open at United Hospital System at the Kenosha Campus
> > in Kenosha Wisconsin for a Histology Coordinator.  The hospital receives
> > about 10,000 surgical specimen a year with 3 Pathologists and 3
> Histologist.
> >
> > Anyone interested please contact Sue Wergin Laboratory Supervisor at
> > 262-656-5603.
> >
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