Re: [Histonet] rat brain parafin embedding

From:Rene J Buesa

  To obtain slices that thin, the brain will have to be completely fixed in formalin first to provide "frimness" to the brain first.
  To guide you in slicing the brain you could use TWO very sharp knives blades tied together with a 1 mm thick piece of plastic between the 2 blades, that will give you a space 1 mm appart between the 2 blades and that could be your guide to prepare the 1 mm thick slices. The same if you want to make the 2 mm slices, just use a 2 mm  thick piece of flat plastic.
  Once you have the slices you can use a general processing protocol, but reducing the times in ethanol to half.
  Hope this will help you.
  René J.

dimas  wrote:

Hello All.

I am a student and I have problems whith rat brain 
paraffin embedding. To do good slices was very difficult.
I tried to find protocols, but anywhere is wrote that 
brains were dehydrated throught a graded series of 
ethanol, clear in xylene and embedded according standard 
If anyone else has experience with rat brain paraffin 
embedding,could you send
If it is not so difficult could you send fotos or just 
whrite how to make slices 1-2mm thick in order to 
orientation in atlas, and how brains embedded.

Dmitriy Lanshakov
Novosibirsk State University

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