Re: [Histonet] processing fatty tissue

From:Maxim Peshkov

I completely agree with Rene.
When we processed breasts (and other tissues) with
isopropanol+mineral oil that we ceased to feel
the difficulties with our samples.
We have manually processing.
More thanks to Dr. McCormick for cassettes!
Maxim Peshkov

"Rene J Buesa"  wrote:
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 06:22:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rene J Buesa 
Subject: Re: [Histonet] processing fatty tissue
To: "Orr, Rebecca" ,

1- thin slices
  2- well fixed after the slices are prepared (at
least 8 h)
  3- use fresh alcohols for dehydration
  4- extend somewaht (20%) the clearing steps
time (time x 1.2), and
  5- if possible use a 60║C paraffin, OR
  process with ethanol followed by a mixture of
ethanol+propanol+mineral oil, and breats will cut
"like butter".
  RenÚ J.

"Orr, Rebecca"  wrote:
  Message: 11
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 22:57:59 EDT
Subject: [Histonet] processing of fatty tissue

Hi, what is everyone doing in histo land when it
comes to processing

Hi Pearl,
We now keep a processor dedicated to (fatty)
breast tissue. We do also
run fatty tissue with this same process.

You can check out the CAP guidelines for Breast
tissue that may help
with your process.

We first had to decide if our fatty tissues were
either partially
fixed, partially cleared or a portion of both.
Each time we had unacceptable tissue we would
troubleshoot back the
whole way to the OR. 
Our problem ended up as a combination of our
Gross Staff (residents and
PA's) submitting thicker pieces, cramming
cassettes and not enough
clearing time.

We decided our fixation time was appropriate and
well within the CAP

So we added more time in our 100% alcohols
(you'll need to decide if you
should add more time or change reagents more
frequently or add an
additional container of 100%)
We also adjusted the processing schedule and
added a third station of
Our VIP has 4 paraffin baths and we use all of
them with varied times.

We now have excellent results with this set up.
~A simple reminder
every hour on the hour to the Gross Room to "keep
the tissue thin" helps
everything run smoothly! (LOL)

It is a great help for us to have the capability
to separate our tissues
in this manner with several processors.

Assistant Manager, Anatomic Pathology
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare

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