Re: [Histonet] histology supervisor with experience needed.

From:Rene J Buesa

Salary is always a tricky proposition.
  If you want to be, at least fair, offer the salary range in your area.
  If you want to offer what your lab requires, analyze the impact of what having or not having that position filled will have on your work output.
  A good supervisor is your only guarantee to have a lab running smoothly and with quality.
  What I am getting at is that the salary should be dictated by your requirements, needs and expectatoins.
  Don't use other labs as a source of "inspiration", yours is the problem and yours should be the rate.
  Just a thought!
  René J.

curt tague  wrote:
  i am getting really busy and find that i am sometimes ovewhelmed. my lab is growing fast and with an influx of staff i could use a little help keeping things/people in line... scheduling and the like.

we're in so cal, (moving to anaheim in less than 2 mos.) do about 500 block/night and will be adding approx 800 more in the next 6-8 months.

what kind of salary does that position dictate?

if interested, please include you requirements.

pathology arts

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