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From:Patricia Adams

When we did the 4, 10 hour days there were just
two of us.  Fridays were very busy, so 10 hours
would turn into 12 for the one person working,
and since we did not work weekends the Monday was
very hard on the one person working.  We also had
it worked out so that we had a four day weekend
one week and a two day the next.
The only con was since there were only two
people, the four day weekend was used to rest up.
With more than two people on at a time there is
no cons that I can see.  We were pretty busy and
did not have much down time at all, sometimes
lucky to get lunch.
We started the 10 hour days because we were so
busy the late person got 10 to 12 hours easy, so
that was a way to help the person get caught up
with all the afternoon special stains,gross and
slides to make.  We also had a lot of afternoon
frozens' and the Histoech cut and stained while
the Pathologist went back to their office to wait
"patiently" for the slides.  And with one person
cutting and staining mumultiple blocks and
running back and forth to an office, it got
hairy, Med-Techs knew that look of a HiHistoech
with slides in hand and gave ground quickly.
HmHm-mm....kind of miss the craziness of it all.


Patricia Adams
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