Re: [Histonet] Veronal-acetate buffer

From:Rene J Buesa

  You are referring to the Michaelis veronal buffer for mast cells staining (Leder procedure).
  Unfortunately (as far as I know) this procedure works only with the veronal buffer (pH 6.3) and it is a component difficult to find (since it is a controlled substance).
  If you work in a hospital perhaps the pharmacy could have sodium barbital which is the difficult component to find.
  René J.

Jacqui Detmar  wrote:
  Hi all. I would like to do some acid phosphatase staining, but the
protocol I have includes a buffer that calls for sodium barbitone. I
have searched a number of different sites for a possible substitute
(including Histonet archives) and I can't seem to find one. Does anyone
know if I can substitute another buffer for the veronal-acetate buffer?


Jacqui Detmar, Ph.D. candidate

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Insitute, room 876

Mount Sinai Hospital

600 University Avenue

Toronto, ON, Canada

M5G 1X5

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