Re: [Histonet] Rinse times during immunohistochemical staining?

From:Rene J Buesa

  When I did IHC manually I used to lift the slide (after each incubation step) with one hand and flushed PBS over it squeezing a plastic bottle containing the buffer.
  The slides went then to a jar with PBS and stayed there until I flushed the last slide in the run, so they would stay there more or less time depending on how many slides I was running.
  Once the last slide was in the jar I started the next spet. The PBS in the jar was discarded after each group of slides was incubating.
  With automated stainers, that time is determined by the program and, again, the flooded slide will remain floded more time or less, depending on how many slides are in the run (at least that is how the DAKO autostainer works.)
  Hope this will help you.
  Renj J.

"Monfils, Paul"  wrote:
  What are the standard rinse times in buffer that people are using between steps of a standard immunohistochemical procedure? For example, after the primary antibody, before applying the secondary? How many rinses, and of what duration?
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