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From:"Wurdak, Elizabeth"

Hi Jim,
We use JB-4 which is a glycol methacrylate-based polymer.  To prevent
overheating we keep the embedding mixture on ice and work with small (25ml)
batches of the complete mix.  Do not precool your molds as this may cause
condensation and prevent even polymerization.

We have not had any problems with overheating, but the last time we embedded
our blocks turned out to be too hard to section with glass knives.  It may
be that we need to allow the blocks to polymerize at 4 degrees instead of
room temperature or alter the ratio of solution A and B.

Good luck,


On 5/25/07 12:35 PM, "Herrick, James L."  wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Does anyone have any experience with plastic embedding using Glycol
> Methacrylate (GMA), Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) or other products that
> could be used to embed vertebral specimens large enough that require
> approximately 100 mLs of solution to embed completely. The problem I am
> having using GMA is that the reaction becomes extremely hot and
> polymerizes into a block full of holes and bubbles. I would really
> appreciate any advice, protocols, etc., that you may have. Thanks.
> Jim
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