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Gustave (and other Histonetters),

Another good image capture and analysis package, thoroughly tested and compatible with all operating systems up through and including Windows Vista, is Pax-it.  

It's fully modular and configurable all the way from basic image capture to full-blown image analysis and archiving, exporting to spreadsheets, reports, templates, etc. with Intranet/Internet support, remote teleconferencing, and other useful features.  We've had very good luck with this system.

For more details, go to:

Good luck!


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Subject: [Histonet] Nikon NIS-Elements - digital camera software problem; software others use??

  Is anyone out there using a Nikon camera with NIS-elements (Advanced
Research) software for digital imaging capture and digital image analysis??
  Since buying the microscope system, I have been experiencing a multitude of software problems.  In particular, during image 'capture', the computer will crash - a blue screen with white script would pop up and the computer subsequently will restart itself.  Upon trying to open the software again, an error message would come up.  I would have to restart the computer manually and open the software again.
  Nikon has come up with higher versions of the software and the updates have been installed, but as of yet, the problem has not been fixed.  
  So my questions are as follows:
  Do you currently us NIS-Elements?  If so, have you experienced similar issues?
  What image capturing software is the BEST both in terms of analysis and image capture?  
  If I have to, I will eventually move on to a better system if this one continues to give me problems.  Your answers and insight is much appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
  Gustave Hebert
  Scientist II
  Wyeth Research
  Cambridge MA

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