Re: [Histonet] ImmEdge pen and Menzel SuperFrost Plus slides

From:"Andrea Hooper"

[Disclaimer: I haven't used Menzel SuperFrost Plus slides but use VWR 
with great success.]

I love the Vector ImmEdge pen, it is my favorite.

My facvorite used to be Zymed's as it was thinner and stayed on the 
slide no matter what I did but they must have changed their formula 
as I don't like it anymore and it comes off the slide now.

I find the trick is you must gently blow on the pap penned area for a 
few seconds before putting back in PBS - to dry the pap-pen so to 
speak. Otherwise it comes off.

>At 07:08 AM 6/1/2007, you wrote:
>>Does anyone have any experience with using the ImmEdge or DAKO pens 
>>on Menzel SuperFrost Plus adhesion slides? Vector doesn't really 
>>specify on which glass slides the pen can be used, but some such as 
>>the Super PAP pen and DAKO pen should be used only on albumin or 
>>polylysine coated slides (according to the manufacturer, anyhow). I 
>>know of one group that uses the DAKO pen succesfully on Superfrost 
>>Plus slides, but I'd like to have some second opinions before 
>>making the purchase. Your help and expertise will be greatly 


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