Re: [Histonet] Human protein atlas, a website to behold!

From:Gayle Callis

I wouldn't be surprised that the list is NOT complete.  It certainly must 
be an ongoing project to add more to the list as information becomes 

At 05:56 PM 5/30/2007, you wrote:
>Unfortunately, I just searched for the numerous proteins we work on here 
>in this lab (all of which we have working and robust immunostaining 
>protocols for) and none are in there, so I wonder how complete the atlas 
>is ...... hmmm ...
>>Dear Histonetters,
>>A colleague just provided an incredible website for those looking 
>>information about antibodies to human proteins.  It is the Human Protein 
>>Atlas, and you simply type in the protein you want to detect.  If you 
>>click on Antibody ID, you will bring up a chart with tissue list, and if 
>>immunostaining is strong to none. You can select a specific tissue.  It 
>>looks like a microarray stained tissue, but you will know if the antibody 
>>is going to work for your needs.  You can access all kinds of detailed 
>>information about the protein, sequencing, etc and publications.
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