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On 5/18/07 12:54 PM, "Bartlett, Jeanine (CDC/CCID/NCZVED)" 

> Don't forget the doctors from House taking a piece of tissue from the
> refrigerator, placing it on a petri dish, dropping red stuff on it and looking
> under the scope to see the "immuno".....and all of the doctors do all of the
> procedures themselves, including all the lab work.

One of my favorites was on the old series "St. Elsewhere".  In one episode,
a nurse was shown in "the lab", digging thru a common kitchen refrigerator
(I think it was Harvest Gold, a popular color in the 70's), looking for a
unit of blood to administer to a patient.  She had to push aside the lunches
of the "lab techs" to find the blood unit.

Television has gotten better, but even the consultants they use (usually
MD's) don't always know what really goes on in the lab.


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