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From:"Thomas Pier"

Yeah, my wife had to tell me to quite down when I started shouting about how he was doing it all wrong.  The tissue was never fixed or processed.  It probably would've been totally fried from the "deparaffinization method" that was used.  He turned the wheel on the microtome the wrong way.  The slide was also magically stained.  The biggest problem though, is that a pathologist actually did his own histology.  When was the last time that anybody saw that happen?

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>>> "Jackie M O'Connor"  05/18/07 10:38 AM >>>
Anyone catch the histology scene in CSI last night?  The medical examiner 
took a piece of skin from a victim, put it in a mold, poured wax on it, 
put it in a microtome, turned the wheel backwards to get a section on a 
slide, melted the wax off with a Bunsen burner, then looked at the section 
under the microscope - -from that he determined that the victim was 
electrocuted.  I love TV science.

Happy Friday!

Jackie O'
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