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Apart from the regs associated with OSHA, this really is the decision of
=0Ayour local fire marshal.

Ronnie Houston, MS, HT(ASCP)QIHC=0DAnatomic Pathology Manager
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Help !!
Does anyone know what fire codes REALLY apply to histology labs and how
did one justify having a tissue processor in less than 500 square feet
without a fire barrier around it ?

The reason I ask is :

We have a 10x22' tissue processing workroom with 5 routine processors,
one recycling system,

and explosion cabinets containing xylene, toluene, and ethanol.

Overall we have approx=2E 70 gallons of etoh and solvents in this 220'

We have been told by an independent industrial hygienist that we should
only have 4.4 gallons (or 2 gallons per 100 square feet) of combustibles=0Din this room and each tissue processor should be separated from the=0Dother by "1 hour construction" (some type of barrier that would take an
hour to burn through) according to NFPA 99 Chapter 11.

=0AI have visited many histology labs in the New England area and I have
=0Anever seen tissue processors separated by 1 hour burn barriers or
processors in separate 500 sq. foot rooms (10 gallons of combustibles
=0Aper processor would require this space).

I have asked for a second opinion as this is not practical, rational, or
PLEASE share your experience with fire regs in your lab ~

=0AThanks !

Jude Carpenter, BS, HTL (ASCP)

Supervisor of Histology/Surgical Pathology/Autopsy

Fletcher Allen Healthcare


111 Colchester Ave.

Burlington, VT 05401


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