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It's also a really nice way for the techs to save gas money and car wear.  It's the "green" thing to do! 

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We tried this at our lab. It worked really well for a while. We put together a schedule that allowed the tech to be off on Monday - gave them a 3 day weekend. The next week a tech would be off on Friday - gave them a 3 day weekend. The next week the tech would be off on Wednesday - they would then work Mon, Tues - be off Wed then work Thurs and Fri. Each tech was worked into the schedule this way. It was a bit difficult to work the details, but everyone really enjoyed it. We developed a problem tho when we lost 1 tech and 1 of the remaining techs needed to go back to the old schedule because of family issues. We no longer had enough techs to make it work so they all had to go back to the old schedule.
  My feeling is that as long as you have the work and enough techs to make it possible, its a good alternative to normal scheduling. Most of the techs don't feel like they're working a full time job.
  Just my 2 cents. Hope this gives you something useful.
  Dawn L. Cowie, HT (ASCP) Su
  Pensacola Pathologists, PA
  Pensacola, FL 32503

Mike Pence  wrote:
  How do you decide who gets which days off! Are they floating days?


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I have tried it.
Cons: If yu don't have a flow of specimens in 4 days equivalent to the flow on 5 days, the personnel will be idling some time each day. If specimens or workload is available everybody will have work to do.
Pros: it is fantastic having 3 days off weekly. Everybody likes that!
René J.

Patti Loykasek
I was wondering if anyone in histoland has experienced moving from a schedule of standard 8 hour day/5 days a week to a 10 hour day/4 days a week with techs having a day off during the week. If so, what are the pros and cons of this type of schedule. I'm interested in feedback from both bench techs and supervisor/managers. We are in the initial stages of contemplating this and would appreciate info from anyone that has tried it. Thank you. 

Patti Loykasek BS, HTL, QIHC
PhenoPath Laboratories
Seattle, WA

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