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I usually "eyeball" the sections and it is usually very plain to see if a section is significantly thicker or thinner when viewed on the microscope.  A pathologist will definitely be able to tell if the thickness is off and, if he/she is anything like my docs, it will be pointed out I guess my instrument would be the Pathologist9000.  Great piece of equipment since it won't accept calibration even if it needs it.

I see yet another CAP regulation coming on unfortunate.

Glen Dawson
Milwaukee, WI

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Subject: [Histonet] Microtome calibration?

Good morning,
A question was raised as to "how do you know the sections are  the 
appropriate thickness?".  Does one trust the settings on the  microtome (Leitz 1512)?  
Is it an experienced eye that knows when they are  "right"?  Or is there some 
instrument that will do this measurment?   Is there some way to calibrate the 
microtome to ensure that the sections  actually are Xum?

Albert C.  Grobe, PhD
International Heart Institute of Montana Foundation
Tissue  Engineering Lab, Saint Patrick  Hospital

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